Sun Feb. 24 @  6:00PM Oryx B vs. Blyth B M. Haddad
Sun Feb. 24 @  7:25PM Oil Kings A vs. Rats A M. Haddad
A. Zouzou
Sun Feb. 24 @  8:50PM CNAQ B vs. Canadians B A. Atri
C. Fullerton
Tues Feb. 26 @  7:15PM Canadians B vs. Oryx B M. Pratley
Tues Feb. 26 @  8:40PM Ice Cruisers A vs. Oil Kings A A. Zouzou
Fri Mar. 1 @  10:45AM Blyth B vs. CNAQ B M. Haddad
D. Bilinski
Fri Mar. 1 @  12:10PM Rats A vs. Ice Cruisers A M. Haddad
D. Lee
Sun Mar. 3 @  6:00PM Oil Kings A vs. Ice Cruisers A M. Haddad
D. Bilinski
Sun Mar. 3 @  7:25PM CNAQ B vs. Oryx B D. Lee
D. Bilinski
Sun Mar. 3 @  8:50PM Canadians B vs. Blyth B A. Zouzou


Villaggio Mall
Doha, Qatar

League President: Jeff Agnew

Our Commitment

It is the goal of the QIIHL to make your hockey experience the best that it can be. We are striving to have a fun, recreational league while providing participants with the competitive flare that only an organized game can provide.

If you have any questions about our league, please contact us using